The Story of my Soul

In this book, I will find identification issues are the key to my low self-worth and my illness, that the microcosm becomes the macrocosm, and that we can all heal Our Universe through ourselves, so I start with the stars.

Wonders of the Soul

Within the pages of this book, the narratives of three remarkable women unfold as they converge upon a healing sanctuary presided over by Prue. Each of these women carries the weight of past traumas and challenges, stemming from their childhoods and echoing into their current relationships and self-perceptions. Prue possesses a remarkable gift—the ability to mend karmic wounds and heal emotional scars. However, her world is disrupted when Sean enters her life. Prue is resolute in her belief that she can heal him, and together, they embark on a journey of spiritual healing, allowing the pure essence of their love to flourish.

The Laws

Now it is time to transfigure our planet, so that we may all know the Life of All Lives to come, that we may dwell in Heaven on the Earth, and the Divine manifest in physical reality through us all.